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Training, presentations, and seminars

The SHN engineering firm in Chemnitz is your competent engineering partner for training, presentations, and seminars at your company and as part of university engineering courses.

Presentations and seminars for companies and organizations (adult qualifications)

We provide presentations and seminars for companies and organizations. We intentionally avoid a formal "lecture" format for these presentations and seminars. Instead, our advisors go over the course content together with your employees, using a variety of media. The training session is designed to be casual and interesting, incorporating demonstrations of measuring instruments and case studies. Subjects such as environmental protection, air pollution control, exhaust gas cleaning, workplace safety, fire prevention, explosion protection, and others are illustrated with practical examples.

At the end of the session, participants receive a printout of all slides, so that they can concentrate and participate during the session, and are also able to review selected issues independently if desired.

Before the training session, we will discuss the contents, methods, objectives, and participants with you in detail. By the time our presenters arrive, you will have already looked through all of the slides together with us.

Lectures as part of engineering degree programmes

We provide lectures in the fields of environmental protection (German Federal Immission Control Act, BImSchG), plant safety (Machinery Directive, German Ordinance on Industrial Safety and Health (BetrSichV)), and air pollution control (emissions, immissions, potential to reduce primary and secondary emissions (exhaust gas cleaning equipment)).

Our lectures and seminars are oriented to the specific requirements of the client/department or university. The training session is prepared and carried out in the form of a seminar (dialog, alternating between content requiring general participation and prepared slides). Instructional content is demonstrated as a group and repeated. A summary is provided at the end of each seminar. Practical examples are worked through in small groups, with the results being presented by a representative of each group.