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Urban planning and landscape planning


As preparatory urban land use planning, the land use plan outlines the intended type of land use for the entire municipality or city or district area and defines the rough structures for urban development within the next 10 to 15 years. The FNP does not have any legal effect on citizens, but it does bind the municipality and the specialized planning authorities in their future planning intentions.


As binding urban land use planning, the development plan defines the specific use of the land within a planned area for subareas of the municipality or the city. Development plans are to be developed from the land use plan (if available). After the planning procedure has been carried out, it is adopted by the municipal representatives by means of a resolution on a statute and is legally binding for everyone after the announcement of the resolution on the statute.

On behalf of cities and municipalities, SHN GmbH undertakes the preparation of expert opinions required for the planning procedure for the preparation, amendment or supplementation of a development plan, e.g. environmental report incl. impact/compensation assessment, noise immission forecast and contigenting according to TA Lärm (Technical Instructions on Noise) as well as expert opinions on air pollution control according to TA Luft (Odor and Dust) as well as further contributions (text and plan parts) to the planning procedure.


Here, the municipality assigns the implementation of a specific planning procedure, including the necessary development, to a project developer. The basis is an implementation agreement concluded with the municipality or city. The basis for this is an implementation agreement concluded with the municipality or city (including a project and development plan), under which the developer undertakes to carry out the construction project within a certain period, including assumption of the planning and development costs. The project-related development plan is also legally binding for everyone after the announcement of the resolution to adopt the plan.

The municipality or city has the planning sovereignty for the implementation of the planning procedure, but the preparation of the documents for the B-Plan procedure is the responsibility of the developer, who commissions an appropriately qualified planning office with this.

On behalf of the developer, SHN GmbH, in close cooperation and coordination with the municipal planning office of the municipality or city, is responsible for the preparation of the complete documentation for the implementation of a procedure for the establishment, amendment or supplementation of a project-related development plan. In addition to the expert opinions, which are also required for a “normal” development plan, this also includes all other documents such as plan drawings (plan section for the B-plan, project and development plan, green space plan), text sections (preliminary information, implementation contract, textual provisions, justification for the B-plan incl. environmental report, application for planning approval, summary declaration) incl. compilation of the procedure folders.