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References Consulting on Environmental Questions within EMAS I, EG UmwAuditVO as well as ISO 14000ff

Adviser-Consulting Services of Dr. Nitzsche

  • Interdisciplinary expert evaluation of the building damage of some facility
  • The reference direction of the Company of SHN: the Air Pollution Emissions within the inner rooms of some facility / building

Schnorrstrasse 70, 01069 Dresden

Agricultural Yard of Saxony-Land, Registered Partnership

  • Benchmarking of some biogas production facility concerning to the common operating materials and parameters
  • Cooperation while planning of the ecological inspection activities

Limbacher Street 86, 09247 Roehrsdorf

AGROCENT Venusberg GmbH

  • Ecological consulting within the question, whether the existing actions purposed to reduce the production dust emissions are satisfactory in order to achieve the optimal conditions for employees of the facility and surroundings, as well

Gelenauer Street 19, 09430 Venusberg
agrocent venusberg gmbh

Automobile and Agricultural Techniques and Services GmbH

  • Consulting within the questions of selection of the suitable piece of land to be built by some facility, elaboration of the technological conception of the same one

Dorfstasse 3, 02694 Saerchen

Bauer-Environmental GmbH

  • Elaboration of the approval part of the project of erection of the facility for treatment of the contaminated soils (project approval application according to the Federal Environment Protection Act, construction permission application, fire safety part of the project; noise distribution and air pollution precaution, UVPG-application, application according to the 12th BImSchV)

Reinsberger Street 26, 09634 Hirschfeld

Baufeld- Mineral Oil Refinery Works GmbH

  • Ecological consulting within the project of erection of some pilot facility for preparation of the mixture of sawing log slurry and silicium carbide

Chemnitzer Street 3, 09123 Chemnitz

Bella Flora

  • Administrative and Management Consulting purposed to hold back the operating site of the facility (Marketing, Corporate Identity, ...)

Wuerschnitztalstrasse 25, 09123 Chemnitz

BIOS – Ecological Inspection Services

  • Coordination of some study of nature and landscape structure intervention and compensation ratio

Berggasse 6, 08451 Crimmitschau

Chamber of Commerce & Industry of South-Western Saxony, the Region Chamber of the City of Chemnitz

  • Advisory report within the theme "Practical Application of the Guideline on quality of the industrial equipment and the Industrial Operation Reliability Postulate"

Street der Nationen 25, 09111 Chemnitz



Electrical Installation Services of Neumann & Co. GmbH

  • Optimization of the internal activities

Kappelbachgasse 10, 09116 Chemnitz

Ellipsis – the Enterprise Development Association GmbH

  • Cooperation within some different projects dealing with the ecological consulting services for enterprises and organisations (the systems of ecological management, elaboration of conceptions in order to reduce the production emissions, improvement of the efficiency of energy use, and others)

Uhlandstrasse 39, 01069 Dresden

Engineering Chamber of Saxony

  • Advisory reports within the operation safety of the industrial equipment and environment protection aspects while operating of the biogas production facilities

Annenstrasse 10, 01067 Dresden

becker umweltdienste gmbh


  • Cooperation while performing of the inspection services and elaboration of expert statements for some different court, contract-parties and arbitration proceeding actions

Industrial Park "The Black Pines", 09633 Halsbruecke

giesserei elsterberg gmbh


Gruebler – the closed production cycle GmbH & Co. KG

  • Ecological consulting within the project of erection of some facility for recycling and recovery of the secondary raw materials
  • Estimation of the selected storing conception
  • Recommendations on the technically proper handling type

Industrial Park 1-5, 09488 Thermalbad Wiesbad


IfU – the Private Institute of Ecological Inspection GmbH

  • Performance of the set of seminars within the theme "Measurement and Assessment of the Evil-Smelling Emissions and their Distribution”
  • Advisory report within the theme "Basis of Calculation of Distribution of the Evil-Smelling Emissions caused by operation of some Mineral Oil Refinery Plant”
  • Advisory report within the theme " Measurement and Assessment of the Evil-Smelling Emissions caused by varnishing of the automobile compounds made of plastics”
  • Advisory report within the theme "Conception of Optimization of the situation of the City of Chemnitz concerning to the evil-smelling emissions – the Evil-Smelling Emissions caused by operation of the sewage system"

Gottfried-Schenker-Street 18, 09244 Lichtenau
ifu gmbh

ISE Industry of Hainichen GmbH

  • Integration of some plan of ecological management

Frankenberger Street 9 a, 09661 Hainichen
ise industries hainichen

IT-Systems GmbH

  • Consulting concerning to long-term-keeping held of the market share of the enterprise

Neuer Weg 2, 09669 Frankenberg



Lomma GmbH

  • Operational safety analysis
  • Report on demerits of the facility
  • Labour protection consulting

Merlitzer Street 6, 01623 Lommatzsch

P. Solbrig – Engineering Services for Air Pollution Control

  • Cooperation within some different flow-mechanical projects

Markt 12, 08312 Lauter

Regional Administration of Saxony for Environment Protection, Landscape-Development and Geology

  • Advisory reports within the measurement and assessment of the evil-smelling emissions and calculation of their distribution by paying of the special attention to the local orography, vegetative cover, housing and the regional conditions of meteorology

Post Box No. 54 01 37, 01311 Dresden

Reisewitz – the surfacing technologies GmbH

  • Development of the technological, constructional and power-engineering solutions
  • Elaboration of the approval part of the project documentation according to the Federal Environment Protection Act
  • Expert evaluation of the fire and explosion safety of the plant
  • Ecological consulting

Thierbacher Street 27, 09322 Penig

RKW of Saxony GmbH

  • Cooperation within development of the environment related solutions for some different projects concerned to the different manufacturing sectors and enterprises

Freiberger Street 35, 01067 Dresden
rkw2 sachsen

tele sonntag neu

stadtverwaltung elstergerb


The Savings Bank of Middle-Erzgebirge

  • Definition and estimation of the air pollution emissions within the inner rooms of some facility in order mainly to estimate the presence of micro organisms, fungus spores and metabolic-action products

Hanischallee 11, 09496 Marienberg
sparkasse mek

The State Institution of Immobility and Construction Management of Saxony

  • Performance of the different expert evaluations in order to define and estimate the presence of the air pollutants within the inner rooms of some facility

Brueckenstrasse 12, 09111 Chemnitz
sib saechsimmobaumangmt

Tile, Planch and Plate Production of Krumbholz

  • Ecological consulting

Old Dorfchemnitzer Street 6, 08297 Zwoenitz

Two-Wheeler and Wheels Centre of Pueschmann

  • Ecological consulting

Chemnitzer Street 97, 09387 Jahnsdorf


  • Measurement and estimation of the pollutant emissions caused by operation of the facility

Hohensteiner Street 11-13, 09212 Limbach-Oberfrohna

Vogel & Partner GmbH

  • Expert evaluation of the noise emissions within the project of erection of some beneficially owned high-quality flats in order to ensure the observance of the reference noise distribution values

Arndtplatz 2, 09111 Chemnitz