Expert assessments of noise and acoustic measurements

The SHN engineering firm in Chemnitz is your competent engineering partner in a range of assessment areas, including immission control, building acoustics, noise in the workplace, acoustic measurements

Immission control

  • Sound propagation and immission projections, noise abatement plans
  • Industrial noise in accordance with Germany's Federal Immission Control Act (BImSchG)
  • Traffic noise
  • Noise from recreational activities and sports facilities, shooting noise
  • Noise insulation for urban development

Building acoustics

  • Noise insulation in buildings
  • Auditable noise insulation certification
  • Design to meet increased acoustic requirements

Noise in the workplace

  • Noise pollution and exposure in the workplace
  • Design of noise abatement measures
  • Calculation of sound propagation
  • Design of acoustics for office space

Acoustic measurements

  • Measurements of emissions and immission
  • Measurement of preload during the daytime and nighttime periods
  • Determining the sound power level of machinery and units
  • Measuring and determining building envelope sound pressure levels

We have the latest in measurement technology and software solutions at our disposal for carrying out these tasks.