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Our range of services

  • Expert assessment of sites to determine likelihood of approval for proposals
  • Planning studies for proposals at new locations or conversions of existing building stock (including operational analyses, feasibility studies)
  • Production of auditable documents for approval processes including guide to the process
  • Preparation of building-permit application documents in line with construction law and state building regulations
  • Detailed construction design and project management
  • Emissions/immission projections for air pollutant levels and nuisance odours (Dr. Krauß is a publicly appointed and sworn expert for air pollution control)
  • Emissions declaration (11th German Federal Immission Control Ordinance, BImSchV)
  • Safety reports (12th German Federal Immission Control Ordinance, BImSchV)
  • Determining the current state of technology, market studies
  • Environmental impact studies (EIA Directive)
  • Producing life cycle analyses and concepts for waste management
  • Acting as expert advisors in civil disputes, e.g. pollution levels in indoor spaces
  • Working up emergency planning documents, e.g.
    • Fire regulations in line with DIN 14096 Part A–C
    • Ground plans for use by the fire department in line with DIN 14095
    • Plans of escape and rescue routes in line with Article 55 of the Workplaces Directive
  • Fire prevention certification
  • Working up life cycle analyses for solvents and plans for reduction in line with the 31st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance, BImSchV
  • Applying for development funds
  • Support and advice on questions regarding occupational health and safety (safety inspection – compliance with EU)
  • Safety coordination on construction sites in line with the Construction Site Ordinance
  • Thermal insulation certification, explosion protection documents
  • Introduction of management systems in line with DIN ISO 9000, DIN ISO 14000 and EMAS
  • Operational documentation (as-built drawings, floor plans, process flow diagrams)
  • Consulting services