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We do good things and we like to talk about it

"Anyone who looks to the future must look after the children."

(Hermann Gmeiner)

SOS Children's Villages

sos kd01
We have set ourselves the goal of providing proper support to those members of society who are most in need. For this reason we have consciously decided not to offer promotions to our valued customers. Instead, we donate a fixed monthly amount to help sustain the future's most valuable asset: our children.

sos kd02

Since their founding in 1949 by Hermann Gmeiner, SOS Children's Villages have given neglected children a home where they can grow up in safety and experience love and respect. With the help of committed staff and associated kindergartens, schools, and training centres, these needy children grow up to be independent adults. In the event of war or disaster, the SOS Children's Villages provide emergency relief with clean water, food, and medicines.


Friends of Küchwald Open Air Theatre

Sponsoring the revival of the Küchwald open air theatre in Chemnitz

Jahnsdorf Kindergarten

kindergarten jahnsodrf

A donation to the "Sunshine" kindergarten in Jahnsdorf supported the purchase of new furnishings for the playroom.


Albert Einstein Grade School, Chemnitz

albert einstein

A donation from SHN supported the school in purchasing new textbooks for the pupils. This had become necessary due to curriculum changes and budgetary constraints.